Daily Organic Vegetables Price Indicator

Market Data:


By Crops Per Kg: (SLR)
Farm Gate Price
Potatoes 260
Leeks 223
Beet 144
Cabbage leaves 119
Parsley 287
Ice berg
Salad Leaves


Sunday, 18 March 2018

About Agco

About AgCo

Nuwara Eliya Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd. comprises of prominent potato and vegetable cultivators in upcountry. It is a statutory body registered before the Commissioner of the Cooperative Development under the Cooperative SocietiesAct No. 05 of 1972 of the parliament and consists of 55 founder members. There are about 20,000 members of Upcountry Independent Farmers Association who obtain various services of this voluntary organization.The Society is administered by a Board of Directors who was selected at the general body.

Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya or City of Light is the tea capital of Sri Lanka at an altitude of 1889 m and is the most visited hill station of the island.
No wonder, since it means a break from the oppressive heat and humidity that surrounds the rest of Sri Lanka. Read More

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the No 1 agriculture corporative socity in Sri Lanka.

Establishment of Vegetables Pack House

Increasing farmer income by marketing of high quality vegetables through establishment of a pack house and a minimal processing unit.

All members of the cooperative is benefited hence they are selling their fresh produce through the cooperative. The number of farmer members has increased up to 21 currently and those farmers are leading farmers who cultivate in large extent. Leek, carrot, cabbage, beet and lettuce are grown in large scale together with potatoes and other exotic vegetables. At present the society supply its major quantity of vegetables to leading supermarkets and hotels. Small volume of vegetables is sold to exporters and a reasonable quantity is minimally processed. Daily basis,approximately 3000 Kg of vegetables are sold as fresh,while 1000 kg is minimally processed.All vegetables produced in the cooperative are transported using plastic creates from the field to the pack house and from their again in plastic creates until fresh produce reaches the supermarket. Demand for high quality vegetables is increasing in the country. Although there is a ready demand for cleaned vegetables the required volume cannot be supplied due to limited facilities available at the pack-house. Due to this problem total volume of produce of all members cannot be purchased. Although there is a ready demand for cleaned vegetables the required volume cannot be supplied due to limited facilities available at he pack-house hence, they have to find other marketing channels. If the capacity of the pack house can be increased by mechanizing and providing improved facilities, total volume of all members can be marketed through the cooperative. In addition, minimally processed vegetables have a high demand and the demand cannot be met due to insufficient facilities available at AgCo.The volume can be increased by introducing machineries to produce minimally processed vegetables.More members can then be encouraged to register to expand the society.

Implementing Agency:

  • All Island Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd (AgCo) at Blackpool, Nuwara Eliya. (Technical support from Food Research Unit, Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya).
  • Managing Director, AgCo, Black pool, Nuwara Eliya

Goals of the project:

  • Increasing farmer income by selling better quality vegetables and this benefit can be expanded among many farmers by increasing the membership.

Objectives of the project:

  • To increase the capacity of the pack-house by providing machineries for washing and cleaning.
  • To provide more facilities for cleaning and drying of vegetables.
  • To provide pre-cooling facility and temporary holding of produce in refrigerated storage condition.
  • Establishment of cold chain to supply better quality vegetables for export market.
  • Establishment of a minimal processing factory to supply minimally processed vegetables under hygienic condition.
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